An Arduino compatible prototyping board, so simple that it can easily be built on breadboard! It is the most versatile pin among 40PIN quasi-universal pins. Each pin of pin programming socket has VPP overvoltage protection. Common ROM chip programming time: Already have an account?

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This project makes firmware upgrades easy: If you are using older version of Arduino IDE, you may receive some error. Now you done modified the configuration of Arduino IDE.

These chips are not intended to pick out and you can see the similar chip reference table for the similar. In addition, it has the complete and practical project mode that makes the mass production more convenient and safer.

It works without installing libusb-win Figures below will tell you what all the holes in the cable head are: Its design accords with the common operating habit of user. At present, it can support more than chips and the types will gradually increase in the future upgrade.

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USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

Solder Wick 2mm x 1. To upload sketches into ATmega, some modification of configuration is needed: Anthony Van Herrewege Rating: Robert Norris verified owner — March 30, Download the latest version from Arduino website. The firmware can even be configured to run minipgog other hardware such as e.

This page lists projects ave with V-USB. The procedure to upload sketches into standalone Arduino is similar with session 1.

Included with the programmer is a 10 pin ISP cable, as shown in the main photo.

This boot loader takes advantage of the HID kernel drivers on Windows: It may be one avvr the fastest integrated development programmers, the speed has been met the needs of small-quantity efficient production.

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USBasp – USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers –

This is the first development programmer to test the common logic integrated circuit and this test can be located the errors of logic gate circuit, as well as test any possible input combinations of integrated circuit. VCC, VPP power supply of the Programmer is furnished with the independent Grade 3 overcurrent protection and the protection of automatically cutting off power supply. No need to connect a programmer, just set a jumper and the programmer is built into the target!


For an ATTiny boot loader see Micronucleus. As for PIC series chips, it can support more than models and more than types of packages. A couple of minor gripes; not all of the ground lines on the ISP connector are actually connected despite what the docs say which cost me an hour when I first got it. AVRdude is available for many platforms. It is small enough to fit into the 2 kB boot block of an ATMega 8.

We all love Arduino. Your shopping bag is empty.

It can effectively prevent from putting a chip in the wrong place or short circuit due to other reason.