For example, if an oscilloscope is connected to your PC through the GPIB bus with an address of 2 , you can use either of the following approaches:. The IVI Foundation also specifies the programmatic interface for these different classes of instruments. Under the General tab, you can enable or disable initialization options. IVI drivers include two distinct initialization VIs. It is redundant to send the other four settings each time you run the VI. Calls to these high-level VIs often result in transmission of redundant commands to the instrument.

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Focusing on the ease of use, traditional instrument drivers did not always provide optimal performance.

Fluke 45 Meter – IEEE (GPIB), Serial Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

For instrument drivers that support a family of instruments, you can also use the option string to set the particular model of instrument that you want the driver to emulate.

If anyone has insight, please let me know if you have any way to troubleshoot this particular issue. For obvious reasons, this must be labveiw in the instrument-specific driver. Fljke IVI drivers, test engineers can reuse their test programs with different instruments. Note If the actual instruments are connected to your system, you can run the same examples with simulation disabled.

Message 3 of The end result is that you can make instrument driver function calls from your program and you will not get run-time errors because of invalid instrument handles. They point to driver sessions and allow for interchangeability. For example, when you are using a DMM driver in simulation mode with a simulation driver enabled, a data panel will be displayed whenever the Measure function is called.

The key to state management in IVI drivers is the IVI Engine, which controls the reading and writing of attributes to and from instruments. For example, with IVI all function generator drivers have the same programmatic interface for basic instrument functionality.


State Caching IVI drivers maintain the physical state of instruments in a software cache to increase the efficiency and speed of instrument drivers.

This document describes how to use the IviDmm class driver with the hpa and fl45 specific drivers; however, you can use these instructions as a guideline for using other examples and drivers. Using a Simulation Driver with an Instrument-Specific Driver — The instrument-specific driver performs a very important role ensuring that the values to be sent to the instrument are within range for that particular instrument even when the instrument is not connected to the computer.

The combination of these standard, off-the-shelf instrument drivers and end user custom plug-in code for simulated data not only saves developers significant development time and effort, but also provides a better, more flexible technical solution.

Fluke fl45 Meter

The IVI Engine uses this dynamically-calculated range to verify the setting. Because simulation drivers work with the class drivers, the code you develop can be reused laview change when you swap specific instruments. For example, if an oscilloscope gluke connected to your PC through the GPIB bus with an address of 2you can use either of the following approaches:.

IVI drivers maintain the physical state of instruments in a software cache to increase the efficiency and speed of instrument drivers.

The labvifw technologies introduced with IVI drivers maintain the benefits of traditional drivers while adding features that improve the application development process and application performance. The IVI technology establishes a standard instrument-driver architecture with built-in mechanisms for enabling simulation and simulated data. Driver Architecture Specification available at www. Therefore, you do not have to have the instrument connected to the computer to perform range checking.


Because you have access lzbview this source code, you are free to modify the driver C code to add your own data generation algorithms to generate simulated data that more closely applies to the UUT or the application on which you are working.

If you enable Record Value Coercions and never use Get Next Coercion Record VI to retrieve and clear those coercion records, the records build up and could eventually overflow your computer memory. While the document is well-structured, it doesn’t help me much since 455 new MAX is quite different.

Select fl45 from Driver Session as shown in the following figure.

The only way to get one of these handles is from the instrument Initialize function which only succeeds if the instrument is connected. Message 2 of The Simulation Driver, a generic library that performs more flexible data generation operations, is called only when measurement functions in the lbaview are called. To make your program use the configured settings, you pass the name of the configured driver session to the resource name control of the Initialize VI.

Figure 3 illustrates this configuration. In this DMM example, labiew you set the range to By defining standards for each of these functions, IVI makes it possible for you to develop test programs that can work with any function generator.

IVI drivers verify that the values you specify for an attribute are valid. Every IVI instrument-specific driver has basic built-in simulated data generation algorithms.