I have no idea what the settings mean. It is used in informational messages printed to the system log. Loading driver fails on latest firmwar Sun Dec 11, Could you show what exactly all lines you have got in cmdline. Edited by Gennar1, 11 February – This is done so that future calls to file operations will enable the driver to determine which device the user is addressing. Number of endpoints 2 usb

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We might want to dig deeper and actually fix the bug one day.

The driver needs to clean any private data that has been allocated at this time and to shut down any pending urbs kenel are in the USB system. Please enable Javascript in your browser!

Firmware Contents

Loading driver fails on latest firmwar Mon Dec 19, On laptop with “normal” Ubuntu or Linux Mint stick works great and firmware uploads successfully.

If the timeout period expires without receiving any data from the device, the function will fail and return an error message.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 12 November – Posted 9 February – That’s strange, since this driver is reported to work on kernel 3 in the above post and I also installed it with success in my Ubuntu Please remember that this driver is still in the staging phase in the 3.


Writing USB Device Drivers — The Linux Kernel documentation

In this function we decrement our private usage count and wait for possible pending writes:. So the name is correct.

Edited by Gennar1, 11 February – Anyway, I tried to install also those modules and to modprobe them, but I still get a kernel crash as soon as I insert the stick in ub USB port. For every read, write, release and other functions that expect a device to be present, the driver first checks this flag to see if the device is still present.

It needs to be able to shut down any current reads and writes and notify the user-space programs that the device is no longer there. Because I see references to Ubuntu only in this post and I really can’t find a way to make aw10x work. This usb-skeleton driver does not have any examples of interrupt or isochronous data being sent to or from the device.

Can the PLI team please fix that? I experienced the same problems running Raspbian Jessie withc kernel 4.

[etxx00] patch to support Abilis as102 devices on kernel 3.0.3

Maybe it depends on as110x kernel configuration parameter? Endpoint 1 MaxPacketSize 64 usb It happens also on my PC running Ubuntu, so it’s another small issue of the driver. I have the same on an up-to-date Pi2. Are you sure you have the new firmware files installed?


Anyway, once you get it loaded it works perfectly fine. The issue you are reporting is known: Anyway, even with 2. It is used in informational messages printed to the system log. One of the more difficult problems that USB drivers must be able to handle smoothly is the fact that the USB device may be removed from the system at any point in time, even if a program is currently talking to it. The weird thing is that not all based decoders are affected.

I am trying this solution, but can’t get it working.

DVB-T USB dongle. Loading driver fails on latest firmwares – Raspberry Pi Forums

The read function works a bit differently from the write function in that we do not use an urb to transfer data from the device to the driver.

As10z I was coming back to try if this problem was solved, I found that my own post has been updated over the time.

Conversely, when the device is removed from the USB bus, the disconnect function is called with the device pointer. Loading driver fails on latest firmwar Sun Dec 11,