Other regions with low concentrations on the other hand depicted varying geologic framework compositions. Abstract Over time, scientists have studied the potential of peptides as nutraceuticals by measuring their bio functionalities. The Absorbed dose and Annual effective dose equivalent AEDE of the study area are below the world standard limit for radiological hazard. Water samples from Hadejia River in the north eastern part of Nigeria were studied in order to ascertain the suitability and radiological safety of water from the river for human consumption. Abstract Density functional theory DFT is used to obtain the energy of an electron in the ground state which in turn enables the prediction of the inhibition efficiency of a molecule in the corrosion of metals. Dye-sensitized solar cells still offer an encouraging option in the photovoltaic family.

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Power spectrum and analytical signal filtering techniques were used for the ground magnetic interpretation.

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The blended epoxy castor-neem oil methyl ester in ratio of Abstract Xpti study focused on planning materials supply for construction works.

Biodiesel was produced from waste cooking oil using alumina-supported calcium oxide from chicken eggshell.

It can therefore be concluded that with ANN model, it is possible to predict T of aquifer in the study area where geoelectric data such as TR is known and T values unknown. This is as a result of little or no access to the data that could be used aphi predict the best agricultural practices for optimum output in the rural environments.

This project describes the construction of a portable wpti effective device for measuring temperature and humidity; it is based on wireless technology. The kinetic study of the biogas purification shows that the CO 2 adsorption onto AC and zeolite CBV obeys the pseudo-second-order model, due to its regression coefficient R 2 value closer to unity.


The overall ratings of the fuel properties of the six wood samples in terms of their average ranking were obtained as 3.

Validity and accuracy of these empirical models has been confirmed for both saturated and under-saturated Niger Delta oil samples. The magnetic highs and lows were observed in all traverses.

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume , – IOPscience

The densities were 0. Thus, these concentrations in dust can be distributed indoors and outdoors in order of magnitudes. The results of the physico-chemical analysis PCA on Herbal soap and photographic impressions of ten 10 samples collected during field survey from different locations in South western, Nigeria e807 the following: Physicochemical analysis of the oil indicateda saponification value The Doctor blade method of application of TiO 2 photoanode using ethanol as precursor and high temperature sintering reveals diverse spectral responses in the efficiency of the DSCs with the most efficient B.

The optimization study showed that; impregnation ratio of 1. Reviews were conducted by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards expected of a proceedings journal published by IOP Publishing. Abstract Timely and reliable apyi information with respect to their nature extent and spatial distribution is very essential for the optimal utilization of available natural resources in sustained bases. Also, the square of the absolute value of the wavelet coefficient were plotted against the period in other to identify and map variations of pronounced and least energy values which can be regarded as magnetic source geometric features found from the HRAM data profiles.

The complete work was designed, simulated and routed with proteus and after the design, construction and testing, the device programmable scrolling matrix display was ascertained to be working satisfactorily. The lineament development and its disjoint revealed fractures and faults associated with emplacement of the quartz-schist and muscovite-schist, which would have formed synchronously with isoclinal fold and hosts marble, gabbro, amphibolites and muscovite mineralogy at shallow depth that ranges from 0 to m in the northeastern, western, north central sections of the area.


The study highlights the possibility aoti reducing the cost e70 production for FAME by using non edible vegetable oil and kolanut pod husk, an agricultural waste as a biobase catalyst in transesterification reactions. Science and technology are fundamentally the key drivers to economic advances, improvements in health systems, education and infrastructure. Abstract Mapping of the configuration of bedrock is paramount in civil engineering and hydrogeological settings. Its versatility and environmental friendliness has made it one of the most promising renewable sources of energy.

The composite pre-fermented substrates were mixed with water and the formed slurry was digested for a month. The information provided in this study will help in fade margin for antenna sizing and performance needed for satellite communication link in the region. Trackers are used to orient the solar panels perpendicular to the incident irradiation for maximum power output.

Abstract Detail knowledge about the subsurface properties and its engineering implications is crucial in pre-foundational studies.

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The daily gas production potential in form of computed pressure is presented. A Adagunodo and K. The study focus on CO 2 adsorption using activated carbon and zeolite for the purification of the produced biogas and developed kinetic study for the AC and zeolite CBV adsorption. Solar cells convert solar energy into Electrical Energy. Seepage through or around dams aoti been responsible for most dam failures.