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Made on new, noticeably improved with the aim of noise resistance, PCB, it took all the best was in the other internal TV-FM tuners Beholder, and also got new interesting features and the remarkable function RDS, which will surely be estimated by those who like to listen to FM radio. Similar models already for long time presented in product lines of other manufacturers, nevertheless, don’t forget that we are talking about Beholder — company thet never launched ordinary tuners. But in mass sector all capabilities of X7 are extraneous. That’s why lovers of videocapture should suppress their greed: Words mixed up, breath disrupted, pulse raised, but let’s cope with this excitement and see, what represent these novelties in characteristics. First Test of New Facilities. Review on site Hwp.

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First of all this plugin will be helpful for the owners of wide displays with aspect ratios The first begold is a drawback with a stretch — web-sites are opened without a problems, and that’s a scope of tablet PCs. This model belongs to the seventh series of Beholder tuners, which consisted before only of one, functionally advanced model, X7.

That’s why we won’t make a long introductions and immediately proceed to the main — review of new Behold TV Theme, main features of which are compact case and very available price.

De Treiber Behold TV 609 RDS

By the way, it is interesting to check not only the work with the native application BeholdTV, but also the work of two tuners M6 on Windows MCE, where developers promise to please us by some uniquie features that for sure will be observed in next article.

But you’ll not succeed making “right” choice, because everyone has its own understanding of “right”. Due to a powerful stuff, Behold BeTAB without any problem manages most applications which could be today installed on Android tablets.


Nevertheless, there exist areas, where classic PCI bus become unsatisfactory. Due to this rare ability, company succeeded to create products that covers requirements of very different categories of users: Review on site Hwp.

In other words, Behold MP Ventus include an excellent choice for the user searching an inexpensive, compact and well-localized solution based on Android, which could be equally useful as a full-fledged media player, and to launch various applications to extend the scope of its use. One of the most important, at our point of view, is in the ability to hear and to foresee the users’ wishes. In the case of our beold PC we have an excelent IPS screen, powerful performance, new operating system and a good assembling quality.

New revisions of well-known TV tuners. In “city” or with good cable TV signal it provides excellent picture.

Скачать драйверы для Behold TV RDS

Along with reliable reception, qualitative picture, support of stereo sound, high resolution and different useful modes of work, tested model has a whole set of unique features.

But this doesn’t reduce their value in the product line of modern TV tuners. So, RDS decoding, additional connector for IR sensor, PC power control and support of foreign remote controls allow us to mark this model by award for original design.

Behold TV X7 model itself became very popular exactly for those users who demands maximum functionality from PC. It was first mentioned long ago. What concerns Voyage Lite, it is able to receive only analog TV, and its advantages and limitations comply with its possibilities.

Review of new plugin on site Reviews. You may download it in our Downloads page. To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view with timeshift, and also advantages implied by its principles: The additional board is developed according to the ….


We may say for sure that in future we’ll see more than one extraodinary solution, which, probably, will be differently apprehended by public, but we are sure that this will be functional and high-quality product that has a great potentioal for the future…” 23 May In our Downloads page released driver version 4. Taking into account the previous experience with Beholder, one may say for sure that they’ll be improved on and will get new settings.

You may read more about them in our Products page.

Indeed, more than a year developers from Beholder wrought the novelties. For reasonable price the user gets tablet… with high quality Rdds display… Gadget consumes energy rather economically. In the rest it is very good tablet PC, which, no doubts, will attract the attention of potential buyers. If you are already decided to join the ranks of users of Beholder products, but still don’t know what to choose, this article will help you to make rda choice.

At that time most surprising became exploiting not very traditional architecture with little known hardware MPEG-2 encoder Philips SAAHS, due to which the bheold tuner remained very similar in functions to preceding models, but in connection with it, its capture possibilities became more professional. You may download it and view list of changes in our Downloads page.

Words mixed up, breath disrupted, pulse raised, but let’s cope with this excitement and see, what represent these novelties in characteristics.